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House cleaning service:

Worried about your home while your away on vacation or a second home that you haven't been able to check on recently?

We have the solution for you with our Property Watch Service! With this program, just give us a call and we will check on your home and give you a summery of the condition the property is in, take pictures of any damage or unauthorized entry, and make sure the property is secure. Property Watch is included during any house cleaning service we offer free of charge and start at just $30.00 for a scheduled Property Watch Check Up.Contact us today for more details!

Are your home or business windows cloudy, dirty or smudged? We have the solution for you! Your glass and windows will be sparkling clean for all to see when we are through with them! We clean up to 2nd story windows. Contact us to schedule a estimate today!

Window cleaning service:

Property watch service:

Commercial/ office cleaning service:

After the first initial cleaning has been done the regular standard house cleaning usually take any where between 2 to 5 hours but can take up to 8 hours to complete depending on the age and size of the home and condition of the home itself (how dirty or cluttered the home is). For a deep down cleaning, the cleaning process can take longer then 8 hours.

Rates are based on several different factors. Rates are usually determined by a walk though of the home.
Wanting to know what is included in our standard house cleaning? Contact us today and we can email you out Standard check list!

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Own or manage a bar, restaurant, office, shop, or any other place of business?
We work closely with the owners and manager of each establishment to make sure we deliver the best cleaning service experience possible. We base our rate on a number of things including your budget.
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